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Vegan makes happy in English language


Hello lovely people,

I haven’t been busy with my Blog for such a long time. Work, Gym, sometimes just no idea in my head and no pleasure to sit down and write another article … the list is endless. I used to enjoy writing on here and caring for my baby a lot, founded in January 2012 with total different topics, vegan opposite opinions and purpose back then.

I feel like I neclected my blog for too long now.

My difficult decision for the moment, well actually since almost a year .. do I continue writing in German, even tho my vegan life is all about Edinburgh and Scotland now (since I have been living here for 1,5 years) or do I continue to write in English only and maybe just leave a link somewhere which forwards you to my German version. Where I wouldn’t update everything as I would do for the Blog in English. Also there are so many articles in queue in my head, I just can’t seem to find the time.

I was wondering as well, what do you guys like to see and read in this blog?
Are you happy with all the receipes and ideas for more vegan food? I am sure it’s especially very helpful for newbies who are a little bit overwhelmed with so much new information about cruelty.

The topics here are about receipes and diy tips and where to eat vegan when you’re on holidays in voreign 😉 countries.

I am into activism and attend Cube of Truth, too and Earthlings Experience whenever I have the time for it. Would you like to see photos of those events and how to find more vegan friends and people in Edinburgh and around?

Now it’s your turn (and at least I wrote an article again, even a brief one)

Cheers, Annika

Author: sassenach1983

Living in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland <3 loving her cats and likes to travel around Scotland and being outdoors Vegan and Activist who regularly attends Cube of Truth DIY woman, likes to cook - not that good at baking Obsessed with Outlander and lifting weights

2 thoughts on “Vegan makes happy in English language

  1. Hi there Annika. Hope you’re keeping safe in this weather. My chooks are not very happy at the moment, thank goodness they have a big covered run. Although some snow got in & they’ve been furiously pecking it up. Enjoy your posts/pics & your combination of foods have given me some fresh ideas. Stay safe


  2. Hi Annika, ich schreibe jetzt einfach mal auf deutsch .. ich folge deinem Blog seit august 2012 und habe deine posts immer gerne gelesen. mein weg ist hinsichtlich “von low carb zu vegan” ganz ähnlich und ich würde mich freuen weiter oder wieder gedanken und rezepte etc. dazu von dir zu lesen. ich mag deinen schreibstil. mir ist es da egal, ob du auf deutsch oder englisch schreibst. auch dieses zerrissen sein zwischen deutsch und englisch kenne ich gut.. ich loese es so: wenn ein thema auf deutsch passend ist, dann schreibe ich es auf deutsch und wenn auf englisch .. dann halt auf englisch. manche gedanken kommen in der einen oder der anderen sprache einfach besser rüber. so wie du schreibst von dem englischen artikel zu dem deutschen zu verlinken, so koenntest du es ja auch anders rum machen, wenn noetig 😉 schreib einfach wieder!! hau raus, was dir in den sinn kommt. freu mich drauf ^^ viele gruesse aus hamburg von der heimlichen followerin. ha. bis dann! verena


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