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Pretzel Dumpling

I never liked normal potato dumplings, the consistency always felt like rubberyish and I could never get into the feeling in my mouth either.

Unfortunately, dumplings back then when I was still a child were only made by my granny using a ready to make bag with potato powder and starch and she never tried making them from scratch.

At one point in 2016 however, I found a recipe on the Internet calling for dumplings made from pretzels. I like pretzel a lot and thought to just give em’ a try. Can’t be worse than what I had tried before.  In Germany it’s quite easy nowadays to get pretzel which are dairy free and not baked with animal grease. The bakery chain K&U in Baden-Wuerttemberg where I lived sells vegan ones and they have a really nice taste. I couldn’t find vegan pretzel here in Edinburgh though by now.

I bought 2 pretzels for this recipe the day before and allowed them to dry on my kitchen counter. I don’t have proper measurements, because I simply mixed in the ingredients as I felt like and eventually it worked anyway.

I crumbled the pretzels into a bowl and then mixed with water, oatmeal and chickpea flour and mashed everything together with a fork. To season everything I used only salt, pepper, nutmeg and fresh parsley from my kitchen. I now grow herbs in my garden and it’s so lovely if you can just harvest your own.

I used a large sheet of cling film to spead on the pretzel batter, wrapped the film around the pretzel and shape it . Then let it simmer for 40 minutes in boiling water.

When the alarm clock rings, get out your dumpling out of the pot and let it cool down.

Remove the foil and cut the long dumpling into slices about 2cm wide. I then sautéed the slices crispy in a little oil and ate zucchini spaghetti with a dark sauce (from vegan sauce mix) and mushrooms cut into it. You could also eat them cold along with a salad.

As I live as zero waste as possible and I actually ever use cling film I am thinking if it would be an idea to use a silicon baking tin instead, which you could let stand in hot water in a baking tray in the oven.

Breznknoedel2 Breznknödel3