Vegan makes happy

Grüner Virds nicht :) It ain't getting any greener

Rainbow Quiche

This quiche is totally delicious and of course vegan, very easy to prepare and only requires a little patience.

In addition, I also find it very colorful and really nice to look at.

In the original recipe, the quiche is made with a normal shortcrust pastry. However, since I did not have the margarine, I made a classic yeast dough made from spelled flour and then laid it out in a spring form baking tin. The recipe calls out for cashew puree but hence lack of them, slighly changed the recipe.

Ingredients and preparation:

250g Spelt flour
1/2 cube of fresh yeast (in the UK you can get yeast cubes at Real Foods for example in Edinburgh – otherwise go to your local bakery or the bakery aisle in big supermarkets and ask for 20g)
100ml warm plant based milk
Olive oil as needed

Prepare a yeast dough as usual and let it rest in the fridge for 2 hours.
I have found that the yeast dough rises better when it is not allowed to rest in a warm place and the dough does not stick to the work surface when it is rolled out. But do this however you feel it matches with your facilities.

For the topping, I used homemade pesto instead of cashews and spread them on the rolled out dough. I usually just make pesto from parsley, basil or even spinach, sometimes carrot greens. Of course, olive oil and sometimes roasted nuts.

Since this should be a vegetable quiche, we need colorful vegetables. I took zucchini here, yellow and purple carrots. With a peeler, I peeled a lot of stripes and then started in the centre of my dough, rolled them around each other in a circle on top of the dough. This took a bit of time for me because the stripes did not want to nestle as nicely as I would like them to do 😉 I cut a half of an onion into rings and spread them on top, then sprinkled with olive oil. Baked in the oven with top and bottom heat at 180C for about 30 minutes. Before serving I like to add some more yeast flakes on top because yeast flakes goes together well …. my Michelle 😉

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