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Black Forest Cake

Even by looking at the photo you want to indulge immediately, aye? This cake turned out to be so delicious and is pretty easy. Even me, who is usually a terrible baker, find this not really difficult.
You need the following ingredients

Biscuit layers:

220g Spelt flour
80g Erythite ( I used this instead of sugar)
40ml Rapeseed oil
1 parcel baking soda
250ml water with bubbles
a pinch of salt and vanilla flavour
20g cocoa powder
Stir together the all the ingredients with your blender or a fork and then pour the batter into a spring form baking tin, bake at 160C (fan) for about 40 minutes until the batter is ready and not sticky.  To find out if the batter is still raw you can you can also use a raw spaghetti instead of a wooden skewer.
Let cool down and cut in two halves, set aside.
For the cream you need:
400ml soy cream (must be whipable)
You could also use kind of a stabilizer to thicken the creme when you whip it – I’ve used Agar Agar
Usually the layers would be drowned in Kirschwasser, cherry liquor.
Sweeten the whipped cream to your desire with sugar or for example you could use Maple syrup or erythritol.
I used 1/2 glass of sour cherries and heated it up with 125ml cherry juice and a package of unsweetened glaze. Stirr together and allow to cool down.
Start to build up this delicious cake with the first layer on the ground florr. Spread on the cherry glaze and cream, add second layer and do the same. If you are a baking queen or king you might be able to make even three layers. Decorate the top with leftover cream and decorate with grated dark chocolate and cherries.