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Zwiebelkuchen – King of Onion Pie

When it comes to the point that you are leaving your country and moving somewhere else, there is food which you might be craving now and then.
Either because you have the hell of an idea where to get it in your home of choice, or because you don’t know how to make it yourself.

I lived in the very south west of Germany, just a stone throw away from Switzerland and France. There are quite a few regional food dishes and some of them are also seasonal and usually only eaten in Autumn for example.

Zwiebelkuchen is such a thing. Zwiebel is an Onion, Kuchen means Cake but in this context we are speaking more about a pie made with a yeast dough.
To make it savoury we add loads of sautéed or steamed onions and caraway seeds, in the traditional recipe bacon find its’ place there somewhere between the heavy crème sauce, too.

Zwiebelkuchen is also known as Flammkuchen (Flamme – flame – because it can be baked in a very hot stone oven above a rack on fire) and then often the crust is thin like Pizza and will get very crispy. I must admit that I like the burned black bubbles on pizza and the Waie when it’s in the oven a little too long).

It is usually eaten in late summer and autumn and goes along very well with Sauser or Suesser, this is a regional term for new/young wine, also called Federweisser in other parts of Germany. Usually with 4 percent alcohol by volume, but it is sometimes to see Federweißer in the region of 10 percent alcohol by volume. It is the product of fermented freshly pressed grape juice, known as must. The term in principle includes all stages of fermentation from must to finished wine. It can be produced with red grapes, too, which I liked most.

The Sauser is for sure not vegan as small insects or spiders can find their way through the process as the fresh pressed grapes are probably not totally cleaned and washed.

I am not sure whether I would drink it now as being a Vegan. Of course you wouldn’t find a wee spider leg in your Sauser, and it is still filtered. But the idea of insects in my beverage isn’t appealing to me. Sauser by the way has a lot of “Umdrehungen” and can be drinken very easily. Umdrehungen (twirls) means that you can get drunk quite fast, especially if the fermentation process went on for 3-4 days. After that it is almost not

Depending on the date of the grape harvest, Sauser is available from beginning of September to late October, and is most commonly served together with savoury food.

The classic combination is indeed Sauser and Zwiebelkuchen. But be sure not to throw yourself into a food coma and drink too much, because it can cause quite an unpleasant upset tummy and long time on the toilet. Lol. But well …. it only happens once a year, so we never mind.

When I visited my beloved friend Karin, who also lives in that region and is also a dedicated Vegan and Activist, she told me that she found a very promising veganised recipe  for her Thermomix (you might heard of these monstrous, expensive kitchen device). Christ on a Cracker …… this was hell of a good recipe !!! Two girls, one baking tray …. and a quite predictable food coma of course. We haven’t eaten it in a while and so we indulged ourselves into the pie, devoured it greedily. The whole baking tray, within 30 minutes it was all finished.

Calories: Which calories (looking innocent and blushing)

You are probably waiting patiently for the ingredients and the recipe. I better do not keep you waiting until you die. This is so tasty and I made this pie the other day for my Omni friend and her son. She was very impressed and liked it a lot (a second piece on the plate proves me right,huh).

I very much hope that she is making the pie as a vegan alternative and without the cruelty which is inside bacon and heavy cream. Dairy is scary and in this recipe we use a Cashew Creme as alternative to cream made from cow’s milk. It’s so easy. No suffering needed, just skip two ingredients and replace them with two others.

Preheat your oven (fan) to 180C.


400g Flour
20g Rapeseed Oil

½ cube of fresh yeast = 21g (seems to be thing with yeast cubes in Germany only, couldn’t find them in the UK. Just go to your Tesco, Sainsbury, wherever you find a bakery and ask for fresh yeast, they can measure and weigh it for you)

700g onions
200g Smoked Tofu (I use Tofoo here in Scotland and Taifun in Germany – available in most health stores and supermarkets with a good range of vegan products)
50g Cashews
100ml Water
50ml Rapeseed Oil
Garlic if desired
Pepper, Salt, Caraway Seeds

Make the dough as usual, no raising needed. You can set him aside, roll out on the baking tray (be sure to use parchment paper or a reusable silicon mat)

Soak Cashews in water for at least 2 hours in 100ml water and simply blend them together with oil and garlic until you have a smooth creamy like texture. Add 2 tablespoons yeast flakes if desired and set aside.

Meanwhile peel all the onions and cut them in thin slices. You might like to have your tissue ready because 700g is really a lot and if you have no kitchen device, super dicer from HSE channel on TV (which you said you don’t watch at all and of course you never buy something there, but you might find yourself staring with fascination into the TV if you can’t sleep at all and there is nothing else on the program. But seriously … do these selling shows still exist? I don’t have a TV, so I don’t know. But I personally wouldn’t watch that).

Sauté  all the onions in a pan with a little bit of oil, also add the caraway seeds. Some people don’t like them (also goes along well with Sauerkraut) but they give a nice flavour to this dish.
Cut tofu in small cubes (don’t mash it down with your fork as if would like to make scrambled tofu) and also fry them in the same pan until crispy.

Now it comes to the best part, putting all those good ingredients together.

Roll out the dough on your baking tray, top it with onions and tofu. Add your Cashew Creme by pouring it evenly on top, do not – I repeat DO NOT – (and please do not think “Now I will do it anyway to see why she said that”).  Let the pie bake around 30 minutes until the dough is golden and crispy. I love a crispy crust and I will never understand the people saying “but please no crust for me” … seriously, why is that a thing?

Enjoy – and let me tell you wisely: try not to indulge yourself into the pie alone. It might be worth at first to cope with all the bloated tummy and pain and farting … lol … But sharing is caring and I am sure your Omni friends/family or colleagues at work will like it.

I am very keen to knowing how you like it, tell me about when you baked this 🙂