Vegan makes happy

Grüner Virds nicht :) It ain't getting any greener

Bacon 100% plant based

 I never thought that  I would be writing about Bacon again.

I’ll admit it, I used to eat bacon, with fried eggs or scrambled eggs, or with pancakes. Yes, even with chocolate, I covered bacon. In my low carb period (unfortunately with far too many animal products) I ate 10 boiled eggs a week. * Shame over my head – hands clasped over my head * I am really not proud about that 😦

When I started to reduce my consumption of animal products, the smell of bacon was no longer bearable for me, I was annoyed by the splashes of fat in my kitchen around the greasy pan.  Now I can say that a kitchen without this aweful smell of sausages or bacon  is just wonderful.

My friend showed me the link below for plant based Bacon. Vegans come up with the craziest ideas when it comes to recreating food, right? 🙂 And if something is vegan, that appeals to me, then I like to try it. I watched that video and wanted to try that immediately. I can’t say that I really liked it and up to date I never made it again. It felt like it’s been for me to have “Bacon” on my plate, and it tasted terrifyingly similar. Luckily minus the dripping fat in the food and minus the animal suffering.

This video was made by two Danish vegans who have recreated Bacon … Fortunately, I always have the ingredients at home, so I could start right away and did not have to wait until the next purchase.

Rice paper
6 tblsp Yeast flakes
3 tblsp Soy sauce
2-3 drops of liquid smoke
2 tblsp Rapeseed oil

Fire ahead by cutting the rice paper with a scissor into broad strips, it’s helpful to use the given lines in the rice paper.  Mix the other ingredients in a bowl and add enough water until you have a sauce-like consistency.

Fill another bowl with water and always soak 2 strips to soften them, you will see that they stick together. This makes the strip thicker and you can fry and flip it better. Soak the strips in your prepared sauce and fry it in a pan. Like bacon, the rice paper becomes crunchy and yummy 🙂 and the smoke flavor makes it taste like bacon. Fascinating, Mr. Spock would say now.


Bacon in Vegan