Vegan makes happy

Grüner Virds nicht :) It ain't getting any greener

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Vegan Eateries in San Francisco, USA

In September 2018 I spent 2 lovely weeks in this amazing city. 10 years ago I visited the USA for the first time and went to New York City, but back then I haven’t even been a Vegetarian.

I created a huge list with so many lovely sights and places, parks and of course vegan eateries where I wanted to go to.  Most people like to spend their savings on sightseeing, shopping or trips out somewhere. I love spending my money on food !

I made new friends and met so many awesome people who are involved into a lot os Activismus everywhere around the Bay Area. I was part of a Vigil in Chinatown in front of a Chicken slaughterhouse and I attended Cubes of Truth (Anonymus for the Voiceless). It was a fantastic time in California and I am so grateful for everyone who was part of it and made the 2 weeks so special ! Please feel always welcome in Scotland, if you ever want to go on a UK Trip.

Have I been starving ….. in San Francisco ?