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Grüner Virds nicht :) It ain't getting any greener


Affogato Gelato

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Holy Cow
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Beetroot Sauvage
33-41 Ratcliffe Terrace, EH9 1SX

Beetroot Sauvage is a fully plantbased cafe with amazing foods, drinks and a wellness centre for yoga hours and holistic therapies (1st floor). A backyard garden invites you to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine (yes, we do have that in Scotland). Children and Dogs are welcome, BS is also wheelchair friendly with a ramp.

So far I indulged into several different cakes and kinds of breakfast. Everything is delicious, freshly made from scratch and with love 🙂

When you’re in Scotland or England then you might like to treat yourself for the exquisite experience of an Afternoon Tea with scones, cream, sandwiches, etc.
When you’re in Edinburgh and you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, then on you come here. Beetroot is near Summerhall / Meadows and oh yeah, considerit_chocolate is not far away, too 🙂

The treats are just so delicious and I highly recommend the Afternoon Tea. I love the place and the people are very kind and friendly.

• Smoked no-mackerel pâté & apple
• Cucumber with garlic & chives cream cheese
• Chilli Jam & cheese
• Pesto mayo, feta & roast sweet potato wrap
• Scones with cream & raspberry jam
• Selection of mini-cakes
• Loose-leaf tea from @shibuitea

The Baked Potato Shop
56 Cockburn Street, EH1 1PB

Near the Royal Mile is this small take away shop where you can buy small and big jacket potatoes with lots of different fillings, vegetarian and vegan – I always think they have more vegan options which is great. The portions are big, even the small potato is more than enough if you are hungry.


A day without good food is not a good day. Harmonium offers a delicious range of fabulous meals including Starters, Main, Dessert, Pizza, Drinks. The atmosphere is nice and they do have a bar and church benches.

I went there several times yet with friends, here are some photos of my experience. It was all very good although I was not very keen on their pizza when I went there the very first time in 2007. The Team definitely improved the food.

Pan Catalan – roasted sourdough bread with tomatoes and tofu and a bed of rocket salad.
Chickn parmigiana- spaghetti with tomato sauce, crispy chickn and parmesan cheeze on top. Dessert – cookie with vanilla Ice cream and chocolate sauce (found this too sweet and would not order it again though)
The Chick parmigiana was so good and can prove every meat eater wrong that we survive and thrive on grass and stones only.

Harmonium is worth a visit, no matter if you want to eat there or have a glass wine at the bar. What I like it that outside it doesn’t say “vegan restaurant” and can drag meat eaters inside, too.

Me and my friend Miriam had vish n chips and pizza the other daz – all made from plants, yes it’s possible and it tastes incredibly good, you won’t believe it’s been made without any animal products. The Vish is made with banana blossom and the texture is similar to fish flesh. I don’t like fried food much but this is nice on occasion. My friend had a spicy pizza with vegan beef, salami, mozzarella, feta and jalapeños, it was so good.

Leith Market – Vegan Quarter
Dockplace, EH6 6LU

Every Saturday is Leith Market with fresh veggies and fruits, artisan bread and every 1st Saturday is the Vegan Quarter with around 25% vegan stalls offering foods, just ignore the non vegan stalls around. Grumpy Food with his quiches and mixed salads is usually around, Kuku Planet, a turkish stall with vegan option for a wrap and vegan baklava. Henderson’s is there sometimes, The Sly Fox, ConsiderIt, Mimi’s Cupcakes, Coconut Island, Tempehtation, Alplings’s Mountain Food with vegan options (although I haven’t seen him there in a while.

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Nova Pizza

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Pumpkin Brown
16 Grassmarket, EH1 2HS

A small café / take away with a fully plantbased range of foods and beverages. It’s at the bottom of the castle somewhat (near the huge staircase) and can be found between all the pubs which are well visited in the evenings. Breakfast and luncheon is available here and you can purchase raw cakes and smoothies.

Lucky Pig at Paradise Palm
41 Lothian Street, EH1 1HB

Lucky Pig is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the same premises of Bar Paradise Palm. A few minutes’ walk away is the National Museum of Scotland and, for example, Greyfriars Bobby.

There is a huge menu of drinks and different, nachos, burgers, salads, soups, American style dishes – most of them can be veganized, except for example dishes like Southern Fried Halloumi.

The restaurant inside looks a bit odd. Lots of stuffed animals are hanging down the ceiling. The decoration on the walls consists partly of old travel suitcases, an old typewriter, a slide projector, a headless mannequin with dress and blouse, real plants and plastic plants, a record player. Not really something you would expect in a restaurant. The Burger was ok, I wasn’t that keen on the big onion rings. Haven’t been there often yet and the last two times I ordered the Dirty Fries which are quite nice. Again, not really healthy options here and I don’t like Fast Food that much.

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The Chocolate Tree
123 Bruntsfield Place, EH10 4EQ

Dieses kleine Café, ähnlich einer Chocolaterié würd ich sagen, befindet sich in der gleichen Strasse abfährts gehend zur Lothian Road/Nähe Odeon Cinema und runter zur Princess Street (rechte Strassenseite) wie das Organic Delicious (linke Strassenseite).

Eigene Beschreibung von The Chocolate Tree: *Scottish artisan chocolatiers dedicated to crafting small bathes of extraordinary organic chocolate bars from ethically sourced ingredients. We exist to bring you fine flavours and preserve biodiversity for future generations*

Im Chocolate Tree kann man viele verschiedene Pralinen kaufen, Schokoladentafeln (meistens Zartbitter) in verschiedenen Geschmacksrichtungen und Stärken und mit feinen Gewürzen und getrockenten Früchten oder Nüssen dekoriert/gegossen. Es gibt Eiscreme, unter anderem auch vegane und Kuchen. Vegane Kuchen sind angeschrieben, als ich dort war gab es veganes Schokoladensorbet, das Sorbet Eis aus schwarzer Johannisbeere und Himbeere fand seinen Platz in einem Glas – der Nachteil wenn man sich nicht zwischen drei Sorten entscheiden kann – nimmt man eben alle drei 🙂 Kaffee und heisse Schokolade kann man dort auch trinken, habe jedoch nicht nachgefragt, ob Sojamilch oder andere pflanzliche Milch vorhanden ist.

Bei den Schokoladentafeln konnte ich mich auch nicht entscheiden, meine Wahl fiel dann auf

Turkish Coffee: Kakaomasse, Zucker, Kakaobutter, Kaffeebohnen (2%), Kardamom (<1%), Vanille, Rosenöl (<1%), Kakao (mindestens 74%) – alles ist aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau

Kann Spuren von Milch und Nüssen enthalten

Winterspice: Kakaomasse, Zucker, Kakaobutter, Pfefferkuchenaroma (1%), Zimt, Muskatnuss, Kardamom, Ingwer, Anis, Nelken, Orangenöl, Zitronenöl, Vanille, Kakao (mindestens 58%) -alles ist aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau

Kann Spuren von Milch und Nüssen enthalten

Maple and Pecan: Kakaomasse, Zucker, Kakaobutter, Pekannüsse (10%), Ahornsirup (5%), Vanille, Kakao (mindestens 58%) – alles ist aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau

(mein Fehler war jedoch leider, dass ich auf der Packung nicht gesehen habe „Spuren von Milch enthalten“ also Achtung was auf der Rückseite steht, für mich ist diese Schokolade nicht vegan.

The Chocolate Tree ist manchmal mit einem Stand auf dem Stockbridge Market oder dem Farmers Market bei der Castle Terrace in Edinburgh zu finden, dort können die Produkte auch gekauft werden, alles ist handgemacht.

Seeds for the Soul
167 Bruntsfield Place, EH10 4DG

This charming little café opened opened it’s doors in the old premises of Moon&Hare, which closed last year. I have been there twice now and the whole atmosphere is really nice and cosy, with fairy lights hanging down from the ceiling in the back.
The owners Roberta and Normal are very friendly and enthusiastic about Seeds for the Soul and they use organic ingredients wherever possible. The food is made from scratch and always fresh, the cakes are a way to heaven, so fluffy and scrumptious. Their hot chocolate gives you a joyful and a very comforting feeling.

It’s amazing what kind of eateries are being established in Edinburgh and in my opinion it’s imperative to keep the food interesting and not just offer sandwiches with vegan cheese or burgers. Whenever I go out for food, I would like to be surprised with happiness and creative dishes. Food which I wouldn’t make at home, and is well presented. Also it’s very nice to just sit there with my Macbook, working on another article for my Blog and enjoying a coffee. Cosy on rainy and windy days (also well known as Scottish weather throughout the year).

Their menu looks simple, it is made with lots of love though and arranged colorfully on the plates. Their takeaway boxes, bags, cups, cutlery, and napkins are 100% biodegradable and the waste which they produce during the day is composted or recycled every day.