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USA – San Francisco

2000px-Flag_of_California.svgIn September 2018 I spent 2 lovely weeks in this amazing city. 10 years ago I visited the USA for the first time and went to New York City, but back then I haven’t even been a Vegetarian.

I created a huge list with so many lovely sights and places, parks and of course vegan eateries where I wanted to go to.  The well known website Happy Cow (which is also available for your mobile phone) is a great helper if you want to search for the best vegan restaurants or shops and I have been to quite a few in the Bay Area. I would suggest becoming a member of different vegan bay area / San Francisco groups on Facebook. As I have been an activist since living in Scotland, I attended events such as Anonymus for the Voiceless (Cube of Truth), Earthlings Experience or Vigils in front of abbatoirs. So I thought of dedicating part of my 2 weeks in California to Activism, that is going to be a different article though soon.

Most people like spending their hard earned & well saved money for souvenirs, for entrees to sights or helicopter trips, tours to parks out of town – I like to spend my money on food. Different continents, countries, dishes and so on, I love trying varieties of combinations and flavours.

There are loads of vegan options when it comes to San Francisco, the Bay Area in general and also Berkely or Oakland which is only a 30-45 min BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) ride away.

Boudin Bakery
Pier 39, San Francisco, CA 94133

Boudin is a bakery in San Francisco famous for their sourdough bread and was established in 1849. I have been to the branch at Embacadero near the Ferry Building and Pier 39. The sourdough is made without dairy or eggs and vegan. They make bread or buns in shape of animals and are available in different sizes. Ever had a teddybear or a Turtle for breakfast? The smaller animals looks really adorable 🙂 as far as I know there is an option to veganise a sandwich there but I didn’t give it a chance.


Cybelle’s FrontRoom
1385 – 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

Cybelle’s is an absolut Hit, they offer Italian cuisine with a menu that offers a variety of appetizers, salads, pasta, pizza, calzones and desserts. FrontRoom serves lots of vegan options which let me indulge in a second. I ordered the vegan Corn Dog and a piece of New York Style Pizza with vegan cheese. They also have vegan parmesan on the tables. I never had a corndog in my whole life and I can’t compare with the meat version, but this was awesomesauce ! There are two branches of Cybelle’s in San Francisco but only FrontRoom serves vegan options.

SF Ferry Building

The Donut Farm was founded in 2006 by Josh Levine.

From their website: ” A San Francisco native with a long history in the music scene, and activism with “food not bombs”, Berkeley needle exchange, and as founding member of 924 Gilman street the all ages punk venue.  After years of the music business and a stint in the white collar world, a dream and an idea led to the launch of a vegan donut company. What started as a daily wholesale business serving cafes in SF, Oakland and Berkeley in 2007 grew into its’ first retail space at the SF Ferrybuilding marketplace in 2010. Also in 2010 Josh located a restaurant for rent in a little-known stretch of San Pablo Avenue, and the Donut Farm was born! Oakland Donut Farm at 6037 San Pablo has been the home of our Organic Vegan Donuts, as well as Vegan Brunch and weekday breakfast and lunch offerings. More recently as a community space, Donut Farm has hosted the launch of Oakland Burrito Project, the Oakland arm of a national movement to feed the homeless with vegan burritos and a bottle of water, one burrito at a time.”

I found a stall of the DonutFarm in the Ferry Building before waiting to embark the Alcatraz Cruise  Tour. I had three different kind of donuts and the dough was really nice and crispy. I remember I had the Earl Grey Donut which I really liked.

Enjoy Vegetarian
839 Kearny Street, (Cross street Jackson Street), San Francisco, CA 94108

After attending a Vigil in Chinatown and a Cube of Truth (Anonymus for the Voiceless) we went to eat at Enjoy Vegetarian, which is a a mainly vegan restaurant in Chinatown. Most of the food is vegan with I think 2 or 3 exceptions which is very odd to me hence the menu is large and there are a lot of options to choose from (114 dishes on the menu). Why not make everything vegan? I enjoyed the food much more than in Lucky Creations few days earlier. On their menu you will notice dish names like Mongolian Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, Eggplant & Sea Bass. But they are all made with soy products. The team uses the substitutions of soy products, yam and mushroom in many dishes. They also have a lot of dishes made with natural soy protein.  Bean Curd Rolls, Soy Bean Sheet, Wheat Gluten, Golden Knoll and many more are handmade.

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches
2172 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

I went to Berkely to visit the Animal Rights Centre for a Meet up with other Activists and then went up to Berkely Hills for a Fruit Luck on a wonderful small Hen sanctuary.

Afterwards me and a friend went to eat at Ike’s. They have loads of Sandwich options which aren’t too pricey either. Ike’s offers quite a variety of vegan options and the sandwich was big enough to stop my tummy rumbling around because I was really hungry. The chain is scattered all over the United States and they have different menues. You have the possibilty to search for Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free options and I can’t remember which sandwich I had, but it was really good.

370 14th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

If you love Sushi as much as I do and japanese food in general, then I highly recommend to eat at Shizen. The ambiente looks really nice and the food is amazing and delicious. A reservation is necessary, because the restaurant is very well known. From their website it states: Shizen was created as an experiment in ocean conservation through responsible dining. The sushi industry has historically done a great deal of harm to our oceans; we at Shizen are dedicated to tranforming that relationship.

Brought to San Francisco by the team that created Tataki Sushi and Sake Bar (the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the United States), Shizen is designed to help protect the ailing oceans through thoughtfulnex and elegant expressions of a fully plant-based menu.

The team at Shizen is proud to offer a vegan sushi experience that harmonizes Californian and Japanese flavours while reducing resource use, safeguarding animal welfare, and softening our overall footpring on the world.

I ordered a Sushi roll and small pieces, me and my friend also couldn’t resist the desert

which was Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream and fried Banana.

Lucky Creation
854 Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Lucky Creation is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the heart of Chinatown. I heard a lot of positive feedback and thought ok, let’s go there.

English Mandarin Chinese Cantonese Chinese
I am vegan 我吃全素(不吃蛋,奶) 我食全素(唔食蛋,奶)

Lucky Creation only has few tables, and was established 25 years ago. I ordered rice and veggies with different varieties of Seitan in a sauce. The Seitan was cold and I am not sure if that is the usual way to serve it there or not. The plate had lots of rice and less veggies and I wasn’t too overwhelmed with the food I must admit. I payed 15 Dollars for everything and found that quite expensive. Wouldn’t go there again I guess.

1466 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

VeganBurg is a fast food restaurant which was founded 2010 and is the bomb ! Wholesome and natural flavours, amazing Burgers and Seaweed Fries or Cakes. If you are ever planning on a trip to San Francisco, VeganBurg is a “go to” order.  I spent two great weeks in this city and went three times to this restaurant, you can tell I liked it there. 95% of their food is made from scratch, is free from Cholesterol, GMO and they are green and sustainable. I ate two different Burger, I had Seaweed French Fries, Loaded Garlic Fries and Cheesecake and in my opinion best Burger ever ! I would love to have these options in the UK, especially in Scotland where I live.  Price and Quality performance convinced me and I would probably be going there more often if I would live in San Francisco. But hence I live in Scotland, I need to wait until I have the chance again to spend my holidays there.

Wholesome Bakery
299 Divisadero Street,  San Francisco, CA 94117

I passed this vegan bakery on my way back from the Height where VeganBurg and all the cool Hippie and Tibetan stores are. Wholesome Bakery is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Trans Fat Free & Low Glycemic. I had a muffin and scone there as I recall and it was tasty and fluffy, they are dog friendly and I liked the nice wooden display with patched of gras on it on the wall just opp the main entrance. WB offers cakes, scones, muffins, galettes, coffee, tea and other beverages, you can also go there for Brunch.

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